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Welcome to our website. Here you can find information about St. Gregory's Church, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire.
Visit Prayers page for a short list of prayers that are available on our website.
On our pages you can find information about local Catholic schools, mass services and also about our town and the most famous poet - William Shakespeare.
Visit our Spare Time Corner section located at the bottom of the page. In there we have Stratford in pictures, interesting information about William Shakespeare, pictures of his and his family members graves located in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford upon Avon. Worth checking out.
You can also read news from every corner of the World. News that is released by different news agencies around the world.

News from Fatima

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Check out latest news from Fatima, Portugal on our new page - Fatima News. Stay up to date with events that take place in Fatima.
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Latest news from Vatican

Check out latest news from Rome by navigating to our 'Vatican News' page. It's definitely worth checking it out. News that no mainstream media provide.

This section is regularly updated with the latest information published by the Vatican. A lot on what Pope is doing. One click away. See what's going on.
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Save lives, save yours

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You have heard this many times already - 'stay at home, save lives'. You have been bombarded with government's message which verges on one-sided-propaganda. It's everywhere, on every media channel out there, on the radio, tv, internet, everywhere. It is overwhelming.

You do the right thing. You follow official guidance. At what cost to you? If you're unwell for any other reason then the virus and do nothing it can have serious consequences to you and to the national health services as well thinking long term.

If you are unwell then do not hesitate and seek medical advise. High temperature is a sign of many illnesses not just one. Contact your GP, give them a call and see what they can do for you, go to Accident and Emergency, do something, seek help. As with any illness, if not treated it can turn into a serious medical condition. To save lives means to save yours as well. To protect the NHS you better get help at an early stage to avoid any potential long term consequences and treatments.

Stay safe, stay well.

New edition of Walk with Me for Easter 2020 is available now.

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Walk with Me 2020 edition by Alive Publishing
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New edition of Walk with Me for Easter 2020 is available now. Please get your copy and walk with Jesus.
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