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Prince Charles pays tribute to his father Prince Philip

Elizabeth was only 13 when she met Philip. The royal love story lasted for decades

How the Duke of Edinburgh helped keep the Royals together

Known more for his controversial comments and being one step behind the Queen, Prince Philip played an important role in the royal household as its patriarch. CNN takes a look at his life.

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Boris Johnson may have won pandemic politics

Things have been going relatively well for Boris Johnson of late.

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UN is 'very concerned' about Princess Latifa's situation and still waiting for 'proof of life'

The United Arab Emirates has not proven that Princess Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum, the missing daughter of Dubai's ruler, is alive, the United Nations has said.

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The testimony by police brass at Derek Chauvin's trial is unprecedented

An unprecedented lineup of law enforcement officers -- including the Minneapolis police chief -- took the stand at the murder trial of former officer Derek Chauvin, denouncing him for kneeling on the neck of George Floyd for more than nine minutes.

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Concerns mount that US withdrawal from Afghanistan could risk progress on women's rights

Concerns are mounting from bipartisan US lawmakers and Afghan women's rights activists that the hard-won gains for women and civil society in Afghanistan could be lost if the United States makes a precipitous withdrawal from the country.

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Her babies taken, she died alone in a police cell — the victim of a problem Australia can't seem to fix

Rebecca Maher didn't get to hold her youngest child.

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Russian forces are massing on Ukraine's border. Bluff or not, Putin is playing with fire

Surreal scenes in Phuket as island pins reopening hopes on vaccines

Pre-pandemic, Phuket's Patong Beach was not a place you'd go for peace and quiet.

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Myanmar's military has underestimated the strength, will and bravery of its own people

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