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As US hits global Covid record, Trump blames the doctors

NYT columnist: Biden winning Texas would break fever in GOP

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman explains how the Republican Party will experience a "reckoning" if Democratic presidential nominee wins Texas in the 2020 election.

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How China's Xi Jinping blew a golden opportunity with US President Donald Trump

At the first meeting between Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping, held over chocolate cake and sorbet at the US President's vast Mar-a-Lago private club in Florida, the two leaders seemed on the brink of establishing an unlikely and potentially special relationship.

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Sean Connery, famed for playing James Bond, dies age 90 -- report

Sean Connery, the Scottish actor whose five-decade long movie career was dominated by the role of James Bond, has died at the age of 90, the BBC reports, citing a statement from his son Jason.

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England poised for second lockdown as protests and soaring infections sweep Europe

England could enter a second national lockdown in the coming days, as surging coronavirus infections across Europe trigger strict new rules and violent protests.

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Dozens dead after powerful earthquake jolts Turkey and Greece

At least fourteen people have been killed in Turkey and Greece after a powerful earthquake hit the Aegean Sea on Friday afternoon, sending buildings crashing down and triggering what authorities have called a "mini tsunami."

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'I'm shaking right now': CNN reporter describes 3 racist attacks within an hour

CNN's Amara Walker describes three back-to-back racist encounters she experienced at New Orleans International Airport.

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Four years of Trump has made the world less safe, and the damage might be irreversible

It'll take a lot more than an election for America to regain the trust of its allies after four years of the most norm-shattering US presidency in history.

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Poland's biggest protests in decades stand against abortion ban

Huge crowds turned out to protest in the Polish capital, Warsaw, on Friday against a court decision to ban nearly all abortions, making it one of the largest demonstrations seen in the country in decades.

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John King lays out Trump's path to victory

CNN's John King takes a look at what President Donald Trump will need to win over industrial swing states in the 2020 election.

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Philippines orders evacuation as world's strongest typhoon of 2020 approaches

Philippine officials on Saturday ordered the evacuation of thousands of residents in the southern part of the main Luzon island, as the world's strongest storm this year approached the Southeast Asian nation.

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