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Man fights, kills one of the world's deadliest snakes while driving 60 mph on Australian highway

A man was driving about 62 mph on a highway in Australia when a deadly snake slithered towards his legs and tried to bite him.


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Coronavirus inspires world graffiti

The coronavirus outbreak has inspired some graffiti artists to paint fun or informative works of art on public spaces.


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Zoo keeper dies after Siberian tiger attacks as visitors look on

The attack by the Siberian tiger occurred inside Zurich's zoo Saturday afternoon as visitors looked on in horror.


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China reports bubonic plague case, raises local alert level in Inner Mongolia

Health officials in Bayannur said a farmer was sickened and hospitalized, leading to a local plague alert.

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Do 'bounties' on US troops in Afghanistan reflect a line crossed or 'nothing new' in long US-Russia history?

The U.S. has accused Russia of backing the Taliban for years. The relationship is under new scrutiny after allegations of 'bounties' on U.S. troops.


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Finnish Air Force removes swastika from logo after 100 years

While the use of a swastika in the Finnish Air Force Command's insignia dates back to before its use by Nazis, the change occurred to avoid confusion.


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Senate passes bill to sanction Chinese officials over Hong Kong, measure goes to Trump for final approval

The bipartisan legislation passed after Chinese authorities implemented its so-called "national security law" restricting freedoms in Hong Kong.


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First planetary core discovered, astronomers announce

For the first time, scientists have been able to to see inside a planetary core after a discovery some 730 light-years away.


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A groom in India died two days after getting married. Now, about 100 COVID-19 cases are linked to the wedding.

His family insisted on holding the wedding due to "huge financial losses" that would take place if the family cancelled, reported one outlet.


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A Black man was killed in Denmark by men with Nazi tattoo, but authorities say it wasn't racist

A man of Danish and African descent was killed earlier this month by white men, one of whom had a Nazi tattoo. Police say race played no role.


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Study finds asteroid impact, not volcanoes, made the Earth uninhabitable for dinosaurs: 'Only plausible explanation'

A new study found what happened to the Earth's dinosaurs. An asteroid strike blocking out the sun for years and causing permanent winters was cause.


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