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Poll suggests Gingrich benefits from Cain exit

New poll results released on Monday showed former U.S. House speaker Newt Gingrich on top of the GOP field and benefiting from the exit of Herman Cain from the presidential campaign.

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Egyptian new PM completes cabinet line-up

Egyptian Prime Minister Kamal al-Ganzouri has completed the line-up of the new cabinet, state TV reported Monday. Ganzouri led the Egyptian gov't under the Mubarak regime from Jan. 1996 to Oct. 1999.

source: Xinhuanet News

Senior British official rules out military intervention in Syria

The most senior security policy adviser to British Prime Minister David Cameron told a committee of the Houses of Parliament on Monday that it was highly unlikely that there would be any British military intervention in Syria.

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Obama presses Congress to OK payroll tax cut extension

Obama Monday urged Republican lawmakers in Congress to join Democrats and approve the extension of payroll tax cuts next year to revive the U.S. economy.

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Abbas says ready to present Palestinian visions on status issues

Abbas announced Monday that the Palestinians are ready to present their visions concerning all the permanent status issues to end the conflict with Israel.

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Sarkozy, Merkel agree on new EU treaty to stem debt crisis

Europe's powerhouses France and Germany agreed Monday on a series of reforms aimed at changing the European Union (EU) treaty to impose tough control of eurozone budgets.

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Russia's ruling party to win Duma majority: CEC

Russia's Central Election Commission (CEC) announced Monday that the ruling United Russia party won 49.54 percent of the votes after 95.71 percent of the ballots were counted.

source: Xinhuanet News

Syria responds "positively" to AL protocol, proposes minor amendments

Syria has responded positively to the Arab League (AL) protocol on an observer mission, but proposed "minor amendments" to the plan, a foreign ministry spokesman said Monday.

source: Xinhuanet News

Pakistan wants solid outcome of Bonn Conference: FM spokesman

Pakistan said on Monday that it wants solid outcome of Bonn Conference on the future of Afghanistan to promote peace and reconciliation in the war- shattered country.

source: Xinhuanet News

Irish PM gets tougher on budget

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny on Sunday called for tougher measures for next year's budget, reminding the public that the country is running a deficit of 16 billion euros (21.46 billion U.S. dollars).

source: Xinhuanet News

Russia's ruling party leading in parliamentary elections

The ruling United Russia party headed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin took the lead in Sunday's State Duma elections, the Central Election Commission (CEC) said Monday.

source: Xinhuanet News

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